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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Bring our farm to your table with our Farm-to-Mailbox microgreen subscription. Add this superfood for everyday eating, summer celebrations, winter holidays, family feasts and birthdays, you’ll always have microgreens to make memories with each meal. 

  • 2 Boxes a Week

    Every month
    Saving of $9 a month!
    • Two boxes of 1.5 oz microgreens delivered every week
  • Best Value

    3 Boxes Bi-Weekly

    Every month
    Savings of $7 a month
    • Three boxes of 1.5oz microgreens delivered every other week
    • All our microgreens are non-gmo and organic
  • 4 Boxes Bi-Weekly

    Every month
    Savings of $9 a month!
    • 4 boxes of microgreens delivered every other week
  • Immunity Booster

    Every month
    Microgreens to boost immunity and fight cancer cells
    • 4 boxes of microgreens delivered every other week
    • Wheat Grass - 2 per month
    • Sunflower shoots - 2 per month
    • Kohlrabi - 2 per month
    • Kale - 2 per month
  • Weight Loss

    Every month
    Perfect for those looking to gain sustainable weight loss
    • 2 boxes of 1.5oz microgreens delivered every week
    • Each box is carefully selected to promote weight loss
  • Loved by Kids

    Every month
    Microgreen varieties that kids will enjoy
    Valid for 12 months
    • 2 boxes of microgreens delievered every other week
    • - 2 boxes of Sunflower Shoots 3oz per month
    • - 2 boxes of Kale microgreens 3oz per month

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Each month you will receive a hand-selected variety of microgreens that pairs perfectly with your everyday eating or your favorite seasonal dishes.

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Subscriptions are sent at the start of each month. Order by the 20th to begin receiving your subscription next month.

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If you find that you'd like more microgreens, please contact us and we can create a custom subscription for you.

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Your microgreen subscription will auto-renew each month - just like a magazine subscription, but with more nutrients. If you feel you want to take a break from this flavor and nutrient punched superfood, you can cancel anytime.


All of our crops are grown to order and harvested the day before they are delivered for maximum freshness. We only use non-GMO seeds and everything is organically grown. Our packaging is PLA compostable "plastic" containers to reduce the use of single use plastics in our landfills.


Organically Grown

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Compostable packaging

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