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Wheatgrass has a mild, sweet and obviously a grassy flavor! It is truly a grass and therefore is full of fiber. It is best for juicing, blending in smoothies, or drying into a powder. Filled with many vitamins and antioxidants, it is a great detoxifying agent which also plays a crucial role in preventing and controlling diabetes and cholesterol.

Health Benefits

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Wheatgrass is a perfect source of vitamins A, C, and E, magnesium, iron, calcium, and acids. They also contain several vital antioxidants that helps to find free radicals to shield body cells from damage especially from diseases like cancer.

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A study in 2015 proved that wheatgrass products can kill or halt the growth of certain infections. They are therefore best suited for treating antibiotic-resistant conditions or people allergic to certain antibiotics.

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Wheatgrass is essential for heart and blood vessel health. It also lowers triglyceride levels and helps lower high cholesterol which is otherwise harmful to your heart health.

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Wheatgrass may help in type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment. Experts are convinced that inflammation plays a critical role in diabetes. By fighting inflammation, wheatgrass may also help people manage both diabetes and some other complications related to it

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Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifying agent that help to build red blood cells, resulting in healthier skin and hair. According to a study done by Hippocrates Health Institute, wheatgrass has been used traditionally as a blood cleanser.


Wheatgrass microgreens do not have gluten when it grows in the 10-12 day period before harvest. Only the seed itself contains gluten.

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