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Our Fresh Produce

We believe in providing the most fresh and healthiest microgreens for you, your family and your business. All our microgreens are grown-to-order, so, if you place an order, it will take two weeks for us to hand deliver it to you. If you choose to use our subscription option, we’ll continue to grow your microgreens and deliver them on the  interval you selected.

Our products are super fresh! This means at this time all hand delivery orders & subscriptions are only within 25 miles from our urban farm, at Waxhaw, NC 28173. If you are outside this range, but would like to place a large order, please get in touch with us and we will work with you to make it happen.


Brocolli Microgreens

These are baby broccoli plants and can have up to 40 times the amount of vitamins and minerals than their mature counterparts. It may help prevent cancer and rejuvenate the immune system.


Kale Microgreens

Kale microgreens are highly nutritious superfood with high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. It improves the immune system and help bones stay strong.



Wheatgrass has a sweet mild flavor. It is best for juicing or blending in smoothies. Filled with many vitamins and antioxidants, it is a great detoxifying agent.



They have a pink and white stem with vibrant green top. The interesting color combinations make them great garnishes or additions to any sandwich or slaw. They have a crisp  texture.


Radish Microgreens

Radish microgreens gives crunchy texture, spiciness and fresh flavour to food. Radish microgreens also contain vital nutrients and vitamins in abundance and helps detoxify and cleanse the body.


Salad Mix

The salad mix is a combination of Broccoli,  Kale,  Kohlrabi,  Arugula  and Cabbage. It makes a great base for any  salad or sandwich.  It is a great mix of sweet, mild, and subtly peppery greens.


Popcorn shoots

Popcorn shoots are incredibly sweet and makes a great garnish for salads or other dishes in which you want a sweet flavor. The flavor is so intense it has to be experienced to be understood.


Pea shoots

Pea microgreens can aid in diabetes, cancer prevention and overall heart health. They are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which supports the body's inflammation system.


Sunflower Shoots

Sunflower microgreens have the deliciously nutty flavor and the texture of spinach. They pack a serious nutritious punch while adding flavor and crunch to salads, soups, sandwiches and dips.



Amaranth microgreens have a mild, earthy flavor that complements both sweet and savory dishes, and they are commonly used as a garnish. This superfood is very easy to digest.


Ruby Stem Radish

Ruby Stem Radish microgreens have a vibrant red stem with a deep green top. It’s crunchy and its succulent flavor is on the spicy side, but not too spicy, with a slightly floral aftertaste.



Mustard microgreens are tender and juicy  and offers a gentle spicy kick. It is a good source of several vitamins and is high in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, folate, calcium and iron.

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